Who is EMS For?

Training at FitTec20 EMS is the complete package for everyone. Depending on your own personal goals the training can be fully customised to reach this result. From one-on-one sessions to 1st of its kind group classes, we have something for everyone no matter your fitness level, age or goal! The combination of the comfortable, yet well-fitted training suit and the advanced stimulation technologies also adds to the effectiveness of the EMS training.

Through EMS, you will immediately have improved posture and feel energised. Training with impulse stimulation works on the deeper muscles too, for effective core strength. The blood circulation in muscular and connective tissues will also be enhanced, which leads to firmer, more toned skin. Bonus: EMS is also an effective anti-cellulite treatment, working to positively break down problem fat accumulation in the body.

There are numerous advantages to having an EMS fitness program personalised just for you. For one, EMS helps improve your strength and endurance by increasing the intensity of muscle contractions during workouts to reach up to 90% of your strength potential. Aside from that, it can accelerate the muscle rebuilding process, which is essential in increasing muscle mass.

Those who are looking for an effective weight reduction method can also benefit from working out at our EMS gym. EMS workouts often produce high metabolic activity during – and even after – a training session, which makes it a great encourages the body to burn fat and develop lean muscle. Finally, it can promote better blood circulation, which helps release muscle tension.

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Get your pre-pregnancy body back in just 20-minutes twice a week. EMS is one of the fastest and innovative fitness techniques used around the globe today, allowing users to achieve the results they want in the safest and most effective way. We will design the best postpartum workout routine that meets your needs & fits your goals! Don't have anyone to watch your little one while you workout? Let us know and we will arrange a childminder so that you can rebuild your core strength and a slimmer, more toned body.

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Lose Weight

Want to lose weight but your normal gym routine does not get the results you wish for? FitTec20 EMS can help you out. Thanks to the electrical stimulation the metabolism increases which makes your body burn through fat cells faster which in turn help you lose weight. Focusing the workout on specific muscle groups enables you to focus the work out on the areas you wish to see results: hips, glutes and abs. All of that in 20 minutes, twice week!

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Are you a hardworking professional who wishes to stay healthy and in shape but can’t find the time to work out? Then FitTec20 EMS is an effective method to reach your goals without wasting any time. You can do your entire workout in less than a lunch break! This makes it ideal for people who are less into working out: in only 20 minutes you will be on your way.

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55? Improve your health! People of any age should do physical activity to enjoy good health and a better quality of life. The loss of muscle (sarcopenia) and bone (osteopenia) mass, together with a sedentary lifestyle, can lead to decreased mobility and, consequently, the development of illnesses and degenerative diseases. That is why training with muscle electrostimulation (EMS) is fundamental! The workout can be adjusted to your level and shape entirely!

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Are you an Athlete who wants an effective extension to your normal work out? With FitTec20 EMS you can focus on exactly the extra strength, speed or endurance you need! Thanks to specific adjustments for all muscles you focus exactly on what you want to train. Do you have a special athletic achievement you wish to reach, but started your workout too late? FitTec20 EMS will help you get into shape in no time, enabling you to perform for that Comrades Marathon or 947 Cycle Challenge.

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Recovering an injury

EMS for Your Injury Recovery and Back Pain!!
Rehabilitate the body through deep muscle activation. Fight pain & strengthen muscles due to injury. FitTec20 EMS is a perfect training tool for aiding recovery by improving muscle strength and helping repair damaged tissues.